Mineral water springs of the Absheron peninsula.
The Absheron peninsula has the following resort resources:

  1. Methan and hydrosulfate waters.
  2. Mineral mud.
  3. Mineral lakes.
  4. Coastal beaches.
  5. Coastal climatic resorts.

There are numerous methan and hydrosulfate mineral waters in the peninsula. Among the most popular are waters in Surakhany district (Zikh village) and Shikhov spit. These mineral waters provide with a high balneology effect.
Lakes Beyuk-Shor and Masazyr are inexhaustible sources of valuable healing mud. There are dozens of small and big lakes on the territory of the Absheron peninsula.

Mineral water springs of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is very rich in mineral springs, which provide with almost all carbonate, chloride and hydrogen sulphate water.

By the diversity of mineral springs Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic can be literally considered as a geo-chemical museum.
Five groups of mineral water springs – Darridag, Sirab, Nahajir, Badamly and Gyzylvang – are extremely valuable hydro-mineral recourses for balneology spa resorts.

Darydagh mineral (thermal) waters group is the highest-discharge carbonated-arsenical waters and attributed to carbonated-arsenical-ferrous chloral-hydrocarbonated-natrium water type. The valuable healing quality of this water is due to such chemicals as boric acid, lithium, large quantity of carbonic acid, iodine, brome, iron and other components contained in it along with sufficient quantity of arsenic.
Sirab mineral waters are similar to the famous Borjomi mineral water. Sirab mineral waters are of great importance as a hydro-mineral source.
Nahajir mineral waters are similar to Yessentuki No.17 mineral water.

Badamly mineral waters are among mineral waters of the Narzan type. The compound chemical composition of these waters mainly contains carbonic acid gas. They also have favorable temperature and high discharge.
Gyzylvang bitter-saline mineral waters are very rarely found in nature. These waters are purgative because of their composition (sulfate-chloral-calcium-natrium-magnesium).

Mineral water springs of Nagorny Karabagh region.
The advantageous meteorological factors, numerous orchards and available carbonaceous mineral springs and remarkable drinking spring waters enhance the importance of the resorts located in Nagorny Karabagh.
Among 17 the most famous mineral springs of Nagorny Karabagh are Kechaldagh and Shirlan in Shusha district as well as springs in Tumi village (Hadrud district) and Zardanashen village (Xojaly district).
It should be noted that Nagorny Karabagh is abundant in many well-known mineral waters with favorable temperature and high content of carbonic acid gas (up to 150 mg/L).

Mineral water springs of Lachin-Kelbejar region.
This group of spa resorts is located in the western part of Azerbaijan Republic (in Kelbejar and Lachin regions). Among 63 water springs of Lachin-Kelbejar region are notable for their importance springs of the Istisu type (Kelbejar region) and Ilyksy type (Lachin region).
The Istisu type springs are represented by three groups: Upper Istisu, Lower Istisu and Bagyrsah.
At the end of 1948 it was decided to found the Istisu balneology resort.
Ilyksu mineral waters group are located in Lachin region (Minkend and Akhmedly sites) at a height of 1600 m above sea level. These springs belonging to the carbonic-hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium-magnesium-calcium waters group are the warm Narzan type waters with average temperature of 28˚С. These waters are the favorite remedies for the local population. Besides, there are found dozens of the Narzan type cold mineral waters at Minkend and Akhmedly sites.

Mineral water springs of Ganja.
Hajikend is located 17 km away from Ganja at a height of 1000 m above sea level. The climate of the area is warm-temperate and damp, winter is relatively warm. There is a carbonaceous mineral spring and splendid spring waters not far from Hajikend.

Mineral water springs of Shamakha region.
There are outlets of nitric and hydrosulfate thermal and cold mineral springs in Shamakha. The most popular are Khaltan, Jimi and Khashin springs in Guba district, Chuhuryurd – in Shamakha district, Bum and Khalkhal springs in Gabala district.

Mineral water springs of Sheki and Zagatala regions.
Nowadays, among the most popular mineral waters is Elisu waters group in Gakh region. Apparenty, the local population uses these mineral waters as medical remedies since the ancient time. This is evidenced by names of two main outlets – Oglan Bulag (Men’s spring) and Gyz Bulag (Women’s spring).

Mineral water springs of Lankaran region.
Lankaran region is rich in mineral waters. Thermal and cold springs with temperature from 13 to 64˚С belong to nitric and methan waters group. There are 157 mineral springs in six administrative districts of Lankaran region including Istisu village in Astara district, Ibadi and Khaftoni villages in Lankaran district as well as Gariblar village in Massalli district.

Mineral water springs of Babazan.
There is Babazan Hill (45 m above sea level) not far from the mouth of the River Kura on the territory of Salyan region. Hydrosulfate and methan-chloral-calcium cold and thermal mineral waters of Babazan are used by the local population at all times.

Mineral water springs of Azerbaijan’s lowland.
This part of the Republic is very rich in valuable healing resources of another nature – healing crude oil, mineral waters and healing mud.
Healing crude oil (Naftalan) reaches the ground surface in Geranboy region, 18 km to the south of Geran railway station, at a height of 450 m above sea level. It looks like the industrially produced oil. The Naftalan oil differs from other types of crude oil in such features as absent harmful gases of petrol and kerosene, available valuable lubricating oils, absolute purity and relatively heavy weight (0,930-0,960). The Naftalan oil is currently used with great success almost in all fields of medicine. This region is the only source of medically used oil in the world.


Agdjabedi+9  +11 °C
Ali-Bayramli+10  +12 °C
Baku+7  +9 °C
Balaken+9  +11 °C
Ganja+9  +11 °C
Gazakh+10  +12 °C
Ismaylli+7  +9 °C
Khachmaz+5  +7 °C
Lenkoran+8  +10 °C
Nakhchivan+8  +10 °C
Sumgait+8  +10 °C
Yevlakh+9  +11 °C

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